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Oct 10, 2012 4:00pm PDT
to lindsay >>> could lindsay lohan be in trouble with the law again? and a double elimination on "dancing with the stars". >> actress lindsay lohan hitting headlines again this, time, for a reported fight between her and her mother. reports say there were calls to her childhood home this morning and her publicist is not commenting this, is her third run in in the past month. on dancing with the stars there is a double elimination, pinning home singer drew lachey. >> there is the racing community got overconfident saying he got this. >> and i'm not going to look back with regret. there is a great experience once again. >> there is danning with the stars returning next monday night. >> abc premiers its new country music drama. >> if you watch it you're going to be pleasantly thrilled with amazing music, you're going to love the music and you're going to love the story. >> and catch the middle, the neighbors and modern family. >> there is a widow fighting for her husband's honor and his pension. >> and there is a vice presidential candidates gearing up for tomorrow night's debate. >> and the
Oct 11, 2012 4:00pm PDT
and pension reform, now, they're accusing him of breaking the law. >> these are the campaign mailers you'd expect to see with elections just over three weeks away. but they've caught the eye of the police and fire unions. they say they're being financed by what they consider an illegal transfer of $100,000. >> i spoke with three different campaign raw attorneys and took them through the facts. all three of them said this is a clear violation of the law. >> so the unions filed a complaint with state fair political practices commission. the complaint singles out mayor chuck reid. they've been locking horns over a 10% pay cut and pension reform. >> i would hope they'd have enough integrity to say there has been a mistake. we did something wrong and need to stop what is going on. >> mayor reid man tains nothing illegal was done. >> a lot of transfers between committees is per missable. -- per missible. that is what was done. there is one committee to another he says there is a political agenda behind the complaint. yun yins -- unions looking to unseat rose herera. >> she's part of a thin cou
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2